"This place is wonderful and one-of-a-kind! I stayed here with my girlfriend and we were both blown away at how great it is. The cabins are tastefully decorated and it feels like you're tucked away in the woods far from civilization. Wake up in the morning to a waterfront view and walk over to the restaurant for brunch. It's delicious!"
--Mike Kenney, Lodge Guest


Lake Mary Ronan is a beautiful 2 mile by 3 mile lake in northwest Montana, just 8 miles West of Flathead Lake, nestled between the Salish and Mission mountain ranges.


Fishing, paddle boarding and canoeing is just some of the things we offer here at our resort.  We have 2 pickleboard courts, a fitness center located at the edge of the lake and many other fun things to do here.

General Store

Nespresso coffee drinks, tea and pastries available for purchase each morning from 8-10:30am. Also ice cream, souvenirs and small sundries.